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    How many ways do you know God loves you? 

    October 1, 2019

    This morning on my walk along the Wapsi River, God asked me this question: ‘How do you know I love you?” This devotion will cover some thoughts that came to me.

    1. God loves me because He gave me life
    2. God loves me because He made the beautiful world in which we live
    3. God loves me because He sent Jesus as my Savior and Healer
    4. God loves me because He wrote down His thoughts in the Bible
    5. God loves me because He has kept me and healed me physically
    6. God loves me because He placed His Holy Spirit in me to comfort and counsel me.
    7. God loves me because He gave me a beautiful family
    8. God loves me because He gave me grandkids
    9. God loves me because He put me in a great church family
    10. God loves me because He talks to me when I pray

    After I meditated on all the reasons He loved me, it made me sense His love in a greater way. Not only does He tell me He loves me, but He shows me in everyday ways. Sometimes life gets busy and my “to do list” is longer than my gratitude list. I hope you take time today to express your thanks to a loving God for all the ways He loves you!

    My 2 year old granddaughter reminds me of God’s love when she sings “Yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so”. This simple children’s song really tells it all!

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