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    Thanks is more than words (Revelation 4:9)

    November 20, 2018

    We give thanks daily for small deeds done for us. But the thanks we give to God comes from a deeper well of gratitude. It begins from the heart. We understand without Him we would not exist. Without Him we would be eternally lost. With Him we have life.

    Thanks is translated from the Greek word “eucharistia”. It indicates grateful language. But it is again more than words. It involves our soul being grateful as well. Mere words are not thanks in the truest sense. Thanksgiving to God always begins in the heart and is communicated through words and action. A thankful life will in turn do deeds for others.

    Thank You God for the breath I breathe

    Thank You God for my body and my mind

    Thank You God for the gifts and purpose You gave me for my life and calling

    Thank You God for Your Word that we can know you better

    Thank You Jesus for dying for me and taking my place

    Thank You Jesus for giving me eternal life

    Thank you Jesus for taking sickness for me

    Thank You Holy Spirit for living in me

    Thank You Holy Spirit for guiding and comforting me

    Thank You for family and friends and my pastor and church

    Thank You, thank You, thank You!

    For what or for whom  do you give thanks?

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