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    Give thanks in everything not for everything

    January 23, 2020

    Don’t you appreciate being around thankful people? My father-in-law is this kind of person. When his wife passed he never once expressed self-pity or anything but thankfulness for the years he had spent with her. While others are bemoaning their plight, he continues to be cheerful as he approaches 88. He always finds the silver lining in every cloud. He is optimistic. But he also has a deep faith in God and His goodness. He sees no reason to be sad or afraid because he trusts God.

    “ In every circumstance of life be thankful; for this is God’s will in Christ Jesus respecting you.”  1 Thessalonians 5:18

    Not for everything

    We aren’t instructed to thank God for everything. Some things aren’t sent from God (like death and sickness and financial woes). But in those situations we can thank God because He is the way out. We thank God because we have hope that things will change for the better. We thank God that His Word is the door out of the problem. Ultimately we thank God that He is with us through good as well as bad times.

    in everything give thanks

    But we are instructed to thank God in everything.  In every season of life whether single or married we can be thankful. Whether we have children or not we can give thanks because God will fill every relationship need (or send you the people). In financial tight places or abundance we thank God that He is our source and meets every need. How about being thankful in every room or our house or vehicle we drive? Where are the places we sometimes forget to give Him thanks? What thing are you in today that you can begin to give thanks?

    Giving thanks helps us

    God doesn’t need our thanks- but we need it! We need it to cheer up and to boost our faith. We need thanks so we don’t lose faith and give up. Giving thanks is God’s will for all of us. Our thankfulness sets an atmosphere around us that people love.

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