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    Truth makes you Free

    September 7, 2018

    Truth doesn’t merely set you free. It makes you free. It begins inside rather than waiting for someone outside to free you. We believe what we continually hear- be it true or false. When you hear truth it will make you free. God’s truth never binds you- it frees you. Ways-to-be-a-stronger-person

    Chains are hindrances, they are limitations, they keep you from walking out your purpose in life. We sing “my chains are gone I’ve been set free”. What are the specific chains today that you are singing about?

    • Is it the chain of addiction? The truth is there is power in Jesus’ name to overcome it.
    • Is it the chain of sickness? The truth is Jesus is the Healer
    • Is it the chain of sin? The truth is if we confess our sin He is faithful to forgive and restore.
    • Is it the chain of oppression? The truth is praise sets us free.

    Freedom from chains isn’t automatic. We must find the truth in God’s Word and then as that truth embeds into our spirit and soul, we find the power to rise up and declare we are free from chains. Whatever the chain, there is a key in God’s Word to set us free. It’s simple to understand but not easy to implement. Our flesh and addiction will fight our spirit for lordship. But in Jesus and His Word we are empowered to be free. How-your-words-determine-your-happiness/

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