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    On a rat race or the right path? (Psalm 23:3)

    January 27, 2020

    Does life ever seem like a rat race? Every week is a list of to dos and you wonder if you are getting anywhere? When we are listening to the Spirit of God and following Him, our life takes on purpose- God’s purpose and in the process we are revived.

    He restores and revives my life

    Sometimes we need restoration when life’s tragedies hit us. We wonder if we can recover. But this word “restore” means He causes my life to return. Lost friends or jobs can leave us drained. As we spend time in His Word and His presence we are restored. Reviving means I’m ready to go out and try again. He not only heals the wounds but also revitalizes our future.

    He leads me along in his footsteps of righteousness

    I love studying the lives of older saints who have gone before me through life’s challenges and conquered. They leave me footsteps in their writings so I can avoid some of their mistakes and follow their successes. But even better is to walk with Jesus and have him guide us up the mountain. He knows our condition and the best route to take. The Holy Spirit is our teacher. Actually the word shepherd can be translated best friend. I really like to think of Jesus as my best friend.

    Lord, You are my best friend. And as I walk with You today I am revived and restored.  I believe You’re my Healer and bring refreshing to me. Your path is the right one for me.

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