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    3 Ways to be satisfied

    November 1, 2019

    Satisfaction is a decision we make daily. There are 2 areas where we can become easily dissatisfied. These are money and relationships.

    1.Be Satisfied with your Monetary Status

    I have had little money and had much money. Both can be challenging because with little, your faith is on constant demand for every single need. But with much you have many more decisions to make about where to give your money. In either state, with God, the issue is our heart. We are to learn to be satisfied with what we have. The only way we truly do this is to allow God to be our satisfaction- because He is the only constant we have in life. Jobs come and go.

    2.Be Satisfied with God alone

    We love people. We need people in our lives. Some people will leave us through job or church changes. Inevitably all people die. In every phase of life God has promised never to leave us or desert us. He is the only constant. He is the One who brings people to us as a gift. Some people don’t believe they can be happy until they are married. But that is a lie. There are always people who are waiting for a friend and we can look to be that friend.

    3.Determine to be Satisfied Today

    Only you can make the decision to be satisfied. And never buy into the lie that “when I’m married or have a better job……… then I will be satisfied. Why wait another day? Choose to be happy and content today!


    • Can you say you are satisfied regardless of your level of paycheck?
    • Can you say you are satisfied regardless of your marital status?
    • Can you say you are satisfied regardless of this phase of your life?


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