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    What is your passion?

    January 22, 2019

    When I have passion, I have inward strength. As I pray in the spirit I stir up that passion. I think of passion as seeing life with God’s glasses. Passion enables you to keep doing the right thing when there is turbulence around. Passion is inward strength to press through and accomplish something.

    “God will continually revitalize you, implanting within you the passion to accomplish the good things you desire to do” Philippians 2:13 The Passion Translation

    This scripture indicates that the passion is planted in you. I believe we each are born with certain passions in us. These are the seedlings of something great to accomplish. God could have just sent you a notecard where you find your name and discover what you are supposed to do with your life. The general will of God is found in the written word of God. But the specific plan of God is planted in our passion. Wherever you have passion you will have energy to perform it. I’m passionate about worship and church planting. So I will invest resources of my time and energy in those areas. I don’t have passion about helping people medically. I have no passion and find these difficult to do.

    What are you passionate about? Is your career and ministry based upon your passion? We don’t choose a job merely for benefits or money. Ideally we work where we have passion and then we have the energy to perform it. Locate your passion because it doesn’t fade with time. Passion is like your DNA, it’s how you are wired.

    Remember, you can use your passion as a volunteer in a church. Your actual salaried job can be the funding for your volunteer passion. Giving is a passion as well and financial support for your passion may be from you! If your passion is the Great Commission (and it should be), then when you support your local church you are giving to that passion as well.

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