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    2 Ways to raise up leaders

    September 26, 2018

    We all face the challenge of a team member leaving. What are we going to do to replace them? Throughout the Bible we see examples of leaders being appointed to lead. In the natural world, we watch a flock of geese take turns leading the flock so none becomes weary.

    Identify potential leaders

    I have noticed many times we are waiting for a fully grown team member replacement when the immature replacement already exists. They may already be on our team. With some encouragement we can find team members who could advance if we gave them little steps of responsibility to try. You may need a worship leader, but have a singer. Give them an opportunity to lead one song or introduce one song. Stretch the existing members with challenges.

    Give them challenges

    We have found some people can talk between songs and some people know the music and can musically lead us into a song. So we make a team approach when the worship leader isn’t there. One person is the music leader of the team and one person will be the welcome and transition between songs. Then one day that person may be able to do it all. But we take steps.


    1. Are there team members who could grow by being challenged?
    2. Who do you need to mentor into a leadership position?

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