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    A fresh look at Psalm 100:1

    January 8, 2020

    You may have read Psalm 100:1 many times. But let’s examine the meaning behind the phrases from the Hebrew definitions and hopefully receive something fresh.

    A Psalm of praise is a poem set to notes and to instrumental music.

    A Joyful noise means to split the ears with sound, to shout or sound in triumph. Joy is the distinctive mood of the church. Many religions are sad or melancholy or trying to please God. Christianity is responding to what God did for us in Jesus. A joyful noise is like a roar at a football game when a touchdown is completed. We have such an amazing victory we celebrate every time we come together. We have victory over sin and death and disease all because of Jesus’ blood.

    Lord means the Self-Existent or Eternal Lord or Jehovah. He is before all things and endures forever!

    All ye lands- indicates people all around the world praising God simultaneously. Even in our churches, how many nations are represented by the people groups present? Can you imagine what God hears every day as people from every language are offering worship to Him?

    Possible call to worship based on Psalm 100:1:

    Let’s Revel in our salvation saints of God! Let’s Shout loudly and make music with poems set to instruments! Today we celebrate victory and triumph over death, hell and the grave! All because our Heavenly Father is the Head of everything through the ages of time. He never fades out or becomes obsolete and all people of every language unite to give Him praise. Thank You Jesus!

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