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    How to be Cheerful in every season

    November 22, 2018

    What reason do you have to be cheerful? Sometimes we wait for good news of a new baby or a marriage or a job promotion to be cheerful. Perhaps it’s the holidays and the family coming together? But let’s look at Philippians 4:4 to give us a glimpse how we can be joyful all the time.

    “Be cheerful with joyous celebration in every season of life. Let joy overflow; for you are united with the Anointed One!” Philippians 4:4 TPT

    There are seasons we enjoy like summer. There are seasons like winter in Iowa that I don’t like so much. There are seasons of life I have enjoyed. Marriages and births of children and grandchildren top the list. Personally there have been seasons of fruitfulness that make the hard work seem worth-while.

    But when it all boils down, the cheerfulness we can experience every day is that we have a relationship with Jesus and His ability. We are filled with His joy. But to feel the emotion of this, we have to fix our mind on it and also get our words connected as well.

    1. Cheerfulness is about mental focus.
    • When we focus on what God has done for us it keeps us grateful.
    • When we focus on the fruit of the spirit in us it helps us treat others correctly.
    • When I focus on what I can give instead of what I receive it keeps me unselfish.
    • When I focus on the fact I have a job instead of the problems in the job it keeps me grateful.
    1. Cheerfulness is about words

    It’s impossible to feel cheerful without giving thanks. This is why praise is so powerful. It takes the cheer in our hearts and brings it into our soul (mind, will and emotions). Thoughts are great, but words direct the emotions. Merely saying, “Thanks Lord for all your benefits”—and say what they are specifically to you will turn your emotions around. I have never met a depressed thankful and grateful person who voices their thankfulness both to God and others.

    So cheer up by focusing on your blessings and sing or say them aloud so you can hear yourself. Before long, you’re going to be cheered up.

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