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    What does it mean to Rejoice?

    June 10, 2019

    Joy is everywhere in the Bible. Joy is everywhere in the church. We have good news of great joy to all people!

    Rejoice Defined

    The word “rejoice” means to jump for joy, rejoice, triumph or be joyful.

    The atmosphere of the church service should always be joy! We are cheerleaders who stir the congregation to remember how great is our God. Songwriters need to write songs with joyful melodies. Have you ever looked for a great opening song of joy to find three times more contemplative songs than songs with victory or rejoicing?  The words we sing should be victorious and the melodies uplifting. What is our purpose as worship leaders? We should stir up our joy because that is what rejoice means!

    Rejoice over God’s Attributes

    The scripture above says we show forth all God’s marvelous works. The songs we sing reflect the themes of God’s nature. Victory, love, grace, forgiveness, faithfulness, provision are all aspects of God’s nature.  I like to take one aspect and make it the theme of that day. Then when I pick the songs for that service they follow a theme.

    Rejoice when you need it!

    We live in the cold north. During the winter season it gets pretty dreary and people kind of begin to drag because of the cold and being cooped up inside so much. So during the winter months, we need to really be conscious that our praise helps us stir up our joy and remember the joy of the Lord is our strength. When we rejoice we remind ourselves Who God is and Whose we are and what belongs to us as believers. Do our songs contain what we believe? Are we singing what we believe?

    Most importantly, are we rejoicing daily ourselves? Are we stirring up our joy and spending time reminding ourselves how great is our God? We are a part of the greatest thing happening on earth! We have been chosen to work together with God to see people come into His family!

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