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    Personal Devotions

    Jesus is your perfect friend

    May 21, 2019

    Jesus is not only a Savior, He is a friend. I was reading in Psalm 23:3 “He refreshes and restores my life”. What a refreshing friend He is. He is always positive. He is always supportive. He always gives to you because He is divine love. Usually earthly friends are not always available, but Jesus always is. My mind is renewed as I listen to Him speak through His Word. My emotions are healed as I experience His Spirit bringing peace. How often I forget He is there always ready to listen and restore. When I am restored, I have wholeness to restore others.

    As our Friend, He doesn’t merely tell us what to do and let us try our best to obey. He is there to help us obey. He is there to encourage us when we get discouraged. He is the Perfect Friend because He listens when we just need to unload. He also understands everything we are going through. He has faced heartbreak and everything we are tempted with—and He is our Hero because He conquered it all! And He overcame it for us!

    What a friend we have in Jesus

    All our sins and griefs to bear

    What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.

    Jesus, thank you that stand at the door of my heart and knock. I want You to come in and fellowship with me. You are such a wonderful Friend. Thank You for entering my life and bringing your peace.

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