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    The Holy Spirit is your best gift ever (John 16:7)

    January 20, 2020

    What could be better than having Jesus in the flesh? What could be better than having Him to talk to when you had a problem? Jesus’ disciples couldn’t imagine life without their best friend. But Jesus told his closest friends that He was leaving. But He would not leave them alone. In fact, He would send the Holy Spirit to help them. And He tells us the same thing today.

    The Holy Spirit is your best gift

    Jesus revealed that the Holy Spirit was best for them. The Holy Spirit would be not merely with them as a flesh and blood friend. He would be in them. Before Jesus came and died and went to heaven God was never in people. The Spirit would come upon them occasionally to help them. When we become believers in Jesus, He places the Holy Spirit in us. The Spirit never leaves us. Even Jesus, because He possessed a human body, couldn’t be with the disciples twenty-four seven. He slept and wasn’t available in the middle of the night. But the Holy Spirit never sleeps because He is not limited to a human body. He is your best gift because He will never leave you or forsake you.

     The gift of the Holy Spirit is a real person

    The Holy Spirit is more than a presence. We sense Him as a presence because we neither see nor touch him physically. He is not a mere memory of a departed human being who has died and gone to heaven. The Holy Spirit is a living person and not merely an influence. He is not a vapor or a cloud that evaporates or haunts. No, the Holy Spirit is present on this earth. And He is living in every believer of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The Holy Spirit is with you today

    Relationships are our best gifts. They are precious. Today as we think about the Holy Spirit, let’s acknowledge His presence in our life. Let’s listen to Him. Let’s consult Him. He has come to help us. And He enjoys our companionship.

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