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    What does Heaven’s throne look like?

    October 10, 2018

    Heaven’s throne is a real place. God is seated there and Jesus on His right hand.Unlike the Wizard of Oz depiction, God is not hidden behind some curtain running the universe. In the book of Revelation, John saw heaven’s throne and told us how it looked. He visualized Jesus’ appearance to 2 stones he had seen.

    John the Revelator saw Him that was seated and compared Him to a jasper and sardine stone. John, a Jew,  had seen the jasper stone on the breastplate of the priest and it was a clear stone. It was said to represent Benjamin. The clear stone represents total victory.  The word “Benjamin” means “the son of my right hand or the son of my power”. Therefore it represents  Jesus the Victor.

    The sardine stone was blood red in color and came from Sardis in Lydia. It was also called a red carnelian and was also  found on the Hebrew priests’ breast piece. It is opaque red and reminds me of the look of a blood red moon. Its name in the Hebrew means “behold the Son” and points to the person of Jesus. When I look at the picture or a sardis or carnelian it reminds me of redemption- of the blood of Jesus.  (research from philologos site). It seems the colors symbolize Him and represent the very nature and Person He is.

    But the throne itself is only the setting for the true Beauty of God and His glory. When we worship God and Jesus, we need to remember He is in a real place called Heaven and not a vapor or a cloud or a mysterious Oz-like guy behind a curtain with smoke. He is openly seated on a throne and shining in His glory and all around is the rainbow. Colorful, clean, pure, shining like nothing we have ever seen.

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