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    4 Incredible Things about God as Father

    November 6, 2018

    Fathers make a big difference to children. Some are intimately involved in their children’s lives. Others may be distant. Some are fun and some are formal. No matter what kind of father you had growing up, we can tend to expect God to be about the same. Thus, if your father was distant, we think God will be also. But God is a perfect father and we must get a new image of how he wants to be involved in our lives.

    God is your father by the new birth

    When we accept Jesus as our savior, we are born into God’s family. In this family you have a Heavenly father. In this family you are accepted and loved. In this family you have rights to use the family name. In this family you have a right to eat at Father’s table.

    God is Father Almighty

    Our natural fathers may have lived in poverty or shame. But our Heavenly Father is neither. He  is almighty- which means He is above all others. No other father exceeds or excels Him. He is powerful and can do anything. More importantly, He is loving and wants to help you in every challenge of life. He is kind and wants to do good to you.

    God is our Provider

    Good fathers take care of their children. Father God is more than good, He is abundantly good. He is lavishingly good- even when we don’t deserve it.

    God is Abba Daddy

    The Hebrew word for father is Abba and it means Daddy. It is intimate and indicates a loving tender relationship. Father God has open arms and longs to spend time with you. He is never too busy to listen or to help. Today I encourage us all to reach out to Him with our love and praises and obedience in response to His great love.

    Perhaps your experience with your natural father was not great. I pray today that you will be able to reach out to God’s infinite incomparable love and connect with Him as your Heavenly Father. Imagine the perfect father and how that would look and how he would act. That image pales in  comparison to the wonderful Heavenly Father you have! Dare to get to know Him as your Daddy.

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