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    You have Explosive Conquering Power !

    January 24, 2019

    What exactly does the resurrection power of the Spirit of God mean to you? The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in me! It will explode some things to find treasure just like dynamite explodes useless rock to find gold inside. I love the Passion translation of  Philippians 4:13:

    “And I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty.” Philippians 4:13 The Passion Translation


    The Strength of Christ’s explosive power

    This phrase demands our attention. This power snatched Jesus from the grave. But it also attached every person on earth with it. This power overcame sin. It overcame sickness. It overcame habits and every thing known to man that would defile him or deter him. This explosive power gave us the right to be born again. The power is a He as in the Holy Spirit. He drew us with Christ from the grave. The Holy Spirit is the explosive power in us! I have been crucified with Christ- nevertheless I live- Christ lives in me.

    He infuses me to conquer

    The purpose of the life transfer from death to life is to conquer. We are not to be conquered by sin or sickness or habits. We are made to conquer! Conquering generally involves some blood shed. Jesus shed His blood so we can conquer. An infusion of cucumber water means the cucumber taste soaks into the water so the water is changed. We are infused with the life of God and it changes us!

    Every difficulty

    What are the difficulties you need to see conquered? Apply the blood and prayer and then stand your ground with your conquering power! Physical difficulties or spiritual difficulties or financial difficulties are not too much for Christ’s explosive power that lives in you!

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