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    What’s it mean to be risen with Christ?

    February 7, 2019

    To be risen with Christ is the amazing truth of the believer. We are more than simply forgiven. We are more than simply pardoned. We are more than a part of an organization. We are reborn into a brand new family. We are given the rights and authority of the family. Everything the family owns is ours.

    The best natural example I can think of is what happens when a woman gets married. Her name changes. Her home changes. Her priority changes to pleasing husband rather than self.  She can use her husband’s name as her own and pay bills.

    To be risen with Christ (when we accept Jesus as our Savior) means we enter into God’s family. We get a name change from sinner to saint. We obtain the privilege to pray in Jesus’ name. It’s no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.

    What about the term “with Christ”? I love the definition for Christ. It’s more than Jesus’ last name. It describes Him. Christ means the Anointed One and His anointing. If we are with Christ or in Christ, it means we are placed into Him and His anointing is placed into us! Pretty powerful stuff indeed. For as Christians, we carry His anointing in prayer and praise and in the Name.

    The definition of Seek is to worship, desire and enquire. We are instructed to enquire of God about everything! We are instructed to seek God’s plan for our lives but also for each service. God alone knows the needs of the people we serve. He can direct our song choice and our comments. What a privilege!

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