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    How to Have Free Access to God

    November 5, 2019

    What an amazing thing that we can boldly come to God. The access has been made by Jesus when He shed His blood. God wanted us to be able to communicate with Him. He didn’t want us separated from His love. He wanted us to be able to come close. He wanted it so much that He died to give it to us.

    The featured scripture is life-changing in our approach to worship!   “Since then, brethren, we have free access to the Holy place through the blood of Jesus” Hebrews 10:19.

    What is Free Access?

    What does free access mean to us? Access to God is free to us because we couldn’t pay for it. Free access to God  because nothing can take it away.  It means we can have boldness. The Greek word for “boldness” is defined as outspokenness, frankness and confidence. How incredible that we can come fearlessly because it’s on Jesus’ merit that we come. Jesus fully took on our sin in His body and nailed it to a cross. Through Jesus blood, the price was paid. He said “it is finished”. That meant the debt was paid. The door was open. Access was granted to come close to God.

    What do we have access to?

    The Scripture says we have access to the Holy place. We have access to God Himself. We have access to His joy and His presence. We have access to His love and wisdom. We have access into His family. We are accepted there. We have an open invitation to come near. Wow! What a privilege! When we worship God, we come knowing we are accepted. We don’t have to bring animal sacrifices, because Jesus opened the door.

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