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    Devotion about “what follows your BUT”

    April 12, 2018

    What we say about our situations determines the end result. We can say we believe God supplies all our needs. But when a need comes along it’s sometimes easier to report the need and begin thinking that this time it’s too big for God. We become need-focused instead of supply focused. Let’s look at some examples.

    Your washer breaks down and you say “I know God said He would supply my needs, BUT I need a new washer.” We are in fact communicating to ourselves that God can’t come through this time. But how about changing what you say following your “BUT”. “I need a new washer BUT God said He would supply all my needs so I believe it is supplied.” That leaves you with hope, a positive confession and faith is allowed to work.

    Perhaps your need is physical healing. What follows your BUT? Do you say “I know God can heal, BUT the doctor says…..” How different to say “The doctor says…… BUT God says by His stripes I’m healed so that’s what I believe.”

    Paul said “For our momentary light burden of affliction is working out for us more and more surpassingly an eternal, heavy weight of glory while we are not contemplating the things that are seen but the things which are not seen, for the the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal” 2 Cor 4:17-18

    Notice Paul stated “we are not contemplating the seen things but the unseen”. The seen things are what you experience with your physical senses- such as lack and pain and problems. But the unseen things are the power of God’s Word that far surpass the challenges. God wants your permission to get involved in your issues. They way we allow Him access into our problem is to agree that He is the answer and continue to believe and speak God’s ability rather than the problem.

    Always put the Word God says first and last!

    You must put the Word in you before you need it for faith to be in your heart when you need it.

    If God’s report doesn’t come from your mouth, then it’s not in your heart. Too many times people wait to build their faith until the problem shows up. Let God’s Word be the last word and always follow your BUT. But God…..

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