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    When’s the last time you raved about the Lord?

    December 30, 2019

    The word “praise” as used in this scripture  comes from the Hebrew word  “Halal” and means to make a show, be clamorously foolish, rave, celebrate and sing praise. This word challenges me to celebrate who God is and what He has done for me.

    Rave that God is good

    We take this for granted sometimes. We worship a good God. He is loving and patient and kind. His mercies are new every morning. Jesus  loved us so much He died for us. God created a good world in which we  live.  There are woes in life, but they never come from our Heavenly Father God. The devil is the one who steals and kills and destroys.

    Rave about what He has done for you

    God has never left or forsaken me. He has always provided for me. God is patient with me. He has forgiven me countless times. He speaks to me every day I listen. He left me the Bible to know His heart. He has healed me countless times. He gives me wisdom and helps me make right decisions. He saved me from darkness and placed me in His kingdom of light and love. He put me into His family. He filled me with the Holy Spirit.

    Rave at home and with others

    Notice in the Scripture above we are to rave about the Lord when we’re alone (in the counsel of the upright) and when we are with others (in the congregation). I would also add that we need to rave about God when we’re at work and with friends.  How different would our world be if we talked about how good God is with our spouses, co-workers and in the world?

    • We rave to thank God.
    • We rave to remind ourselves.
    • We rave to inform others who may not know how great our God really is.

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