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    What kind of Christmas will you have this year?

    December 25, 2019

    There are some Christmases which are easier than others. The happy ones are what we expect every year. But life happens and people we love move away or go to heaven. Traditions you have enjoyed for years may change. The opportunity to become discouraged or even depressed will knock at your door if you’re not aware. The psalmist experienced what we all experience at some point in our lives.

    Psalm 43:5  Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

    I have definitely experienced the tradition of family and loved ones. When we moved out of state, our jobs were in retail and we couldn’t come home over Christmas. So that first year was tough. It just didn’t compare to other years of Mom’s baking and festive house. We were living on tight finances and didn’t have money to buy a tree. But that year I learned to dig down deep into what we were celebrating was that God sent Jesus to be with us so we would never ever be alone.

    Then the years came when my Mom moved to heaven and that was tough. The matriarch of our family was gone and it seemed like the family Christmas left too. But once again, we started a brand new tradition and soon it became okay too.

    Here’s the thing- God is God of our hope. And praise is the antidote for discouragement. Expecting every year in your life journey to be rosy just isn’t realistic. One reason love the church traditional Christmas eve service is that the church family becomes your family when the biological one can move and change. Celebrating Jesus

    It’s not the situation you face that is your problem- it’s how you face the situation

    So, it’s okay to have a merry Christmas and it’s okay to have a quiet one that reflects on Jesus coming for you. Don’t let the media and hype cause you to feel alienated. And don’t put so much pressure on yourself to host a perfect event either. Just enjoy who you are with and be there.  Maybe your Christmas you will just be alone with Jesus and embrace that memory this year. And find a church with a Christmas service so that you can enjoy the fellowship of other believers.

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