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3 reasons why God deserves Glory (Revelation 4:9)

November 9, 2018

Glory is a word we often hear used or sung but fail to define its meaning.  Glory belongs to God alone. The word Glory comes from the Greek word “Doxa” and means to give praise and honor and to worship.

Glory is really set apart only for God.

Other people we may appreciate or even love. But we give glory alone to God and Jesus. Glory is a word that describes the atmosphere of God which is unique. Heaven is like no other place because it is God’s home and totally free of contamination of anything evil.

God and Jesus deserve glory because of Who they are

They deserve glory and honor because of their positions as Creator. There is proprietary privilege when you create something. Certainly the Creator of the Universe and life itself deserves its glory. Then Jesus saved us from eternal separation from God and made the way for us to become God’s eternal children. They deserve glory because they are good in every way. They are loving and merciful. They deserve glory because their character matches their position.

God deserves glory because of what He does

God does more than make the world and forget it. Every day He continues to answer prayers and get involved in our lives. The Holy Spirit deserves glory for He is God’s presence in us! We grieve Him when we fail to take time to listen to His help because He wants to get involved in our lives. But we bring Him joy when we communicate with Him through praise and listening to Him speak to us.

Can you think of other reasons God deserves glory?

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