How you can know the future

    December 9, 2019

    If there was a way you could know the future to prepare today, wouldn’t that be great? We know the God who knows our future. He has sent His Spirit to reveal truth to us and show us things that are coming.

    1.Read and listen to His Word

    It always come back to God’s Word since it is the basis for all revelation and truth. It’s not the way the world thinks. God will never lead you contrary to the Word. If you have a strong foundation of God’s general will as revealed in the Bible, you will be able to fit your specific will into that picture. For example, you know from the Bible it’s wrong to steal or covet from another. So that general will always applies. It’s our responsibility to read the will. If you inherit from someone, you must read the will to understand what you inherit. As I read the Word, I like to ask the Holy Spirit to speak to me through it.

    2.Listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit

    As we get to know the Lord, we pray and then listen to Him. It takes time to get quiet. It takes time to clear our minds of our own thoughts. It takes time to say “not my will but yours”. When we get to that place and lay our plan on His altar, then we’re in the place where His Spirit can speak to us. The Spirit of God guides us through our spirits. He shows us the what and the when. We are to be led by His peace in making decisions. No peace- no go. The Holy Spirit will declare or show or report or tell us on the inside what path is right.

    Prayer: Holy Spirit, I desire to have you speak to me through the Word. I also desire to be sensitive to Your voice. Help me to take time to listen and not be so busy today to miss what You are wanting to tell me.

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