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    3 ways we bring honor (Revelation 4:9)

    July 25, 2017

    We sing and read about the word honor. Honor is translated in the Biblical Greek as value or esteem or to prize. How do we value or esteem or prize our relationship with God?

    We set things apart that we honor

    I honor or esteem my wedding vow visually by wearing a ring on my finger. I may honor a gift and the giver by displaying it on my coffee table. Or I may honor my US citizenship through placing my passport in a lock box so it’s not stolen. One way I honor God is by setting Sunday apart to worship Him. It’s a statement of my love to Him. I honor Him by setting a part of my day aside to read His Word

    We honor through words

    We write eulogies to honor the dead. We write thank you notes to honor the giver of a gift. We honor God through spoken words and praise. We honor God by singing to Him both at home and with believers. We can honor Him by writing prayers in a journal. When we honor God, we don’t take Him for granted. Not one day do we fail to tell Him how much He means to us.

    We honor through our finances

    Your finances are the fruit of which you spend most of your time working. We also honor God with our “substance and the first fruit of all our increase” (that’s our finances). What you esteem you spend money on. Believers who fail to financially support their local church are not honoring God because for His church He gave His life. When we spend our finances first of all on our own needs, we don’t honor God and His business on this earth. I have learned when I invest in God’s business first through tithing to my church, God makes my business prosper and succeed as well.

    What are other ways you honor God?

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